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BioStation T2 EM – RF Card : EM

Fingerprint IP Access Terminal with Face Detection
Model : BST2R

Package Contains :

The new BioStation T2 blends loads of innovative features with Suprema’s sophisticated fingerprint recognition technology. Its powerful dual-CPU engine ensures seamless operation and internal camera captures face image logs(snap shots) for extra level of security…

Sealed in a flat-panel front glass and refined dimensions, it provides intuitive and aesthetic GUI on easy-to-use touchscreen LCD. In addition to its extensive communication interfaces, BioStation T2 also supports embedded web server which provides convenience system management over its IP-based access control system.


Intuitive Touchscreen GUI

5”touchscreen LCD with easy-to-use GUI

Face Detection Technology

Camera for face image capture

Embedded Web Server

Preloaded with BioStar Lite embedded web server

Fast matching speed

1:3,000 matches in one second

Versatile Interfaces

WiFi, TCP/IP, RS485/232, Wiegand, relay


Powered by PoE (Power over Ethernet) to lower the cost of installation

Video Phone

IP based video and audio interface or analog video phone

RF Card Options

EM, Mifare/DesFire

Huge memory capacity

1GB flash memory to store up to 200,000 users and 1 million logs (5,000 image logs)





contact supplier :

PT. Hayes Indonesia : telp : 021-7873562  hp : 081316770888
cp : tohari


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