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Fingerprint IP Access Terminal
Model : BST-OC

Package Contains : 1x BioStation Fingerprint Terminal, 1x Wall mounting metal bracket, 3ea wall mounting screws and holder, 1x USB cable, 1x CD Software, 1ea 5pin, 3pin, 6pin, 4pin, 7pin cable

Incorporating Suprema’s industry-leading fingerprint recognition algorithm, BioStation offers a perfect solution for time attendance and access control. With a color LCD and high quality sound, BioStation provides a different level of user interaction using multimedia information. Versatile interface options including wireless LAN and USB memory slot enable easy network integration and data transfer without any wiring.


Dual CPU System-Fast, Accurate, Precise


Powered by sophisticated Dual CPU System, the BioStation delivers fast matching speed, rapid response and exceptionally low error rate. The powerful 400MHz DSP is dedicated to fingerprint matching process for fast and accurate performance, and the 200MHz RISC processor ensures uninterrupted device operation.
2.5” Color LCD with Intuitive GUI

With its 2.5” QVGA color LCD, BioStation’s intuitive graphic user interface has been designed to offer clear communication with users in access control and time attendance applications. When in operation, it also provides voice and sound instruction with built-in speaker, and on-device navigation keys makes even easier device control for both users and administrators.

TCP/IP Connectivity with WiFi

Featuring IP-based system topology and WiFi, BioStation’s IP access control system offers extra flexibility in designing your security system while reducing cost on installation & maintenance. Compare to conventional access control system, IP access control provides lower cost per door with less wiring and utilization of existing network infrastructure. The concept also simplifies installation of systems with multiple sites since it only requires basic internet link to remote locations.



Suprema Algorithm

At the core of every Suprema access control device, the world’s most powerful fingerprint algorithm assures unrivaled speed and accuracy. Recognized by FVC¹ and NIST MINEX Test², Suprema Algorithm has been proven to be one of the most sophisticated technology in biometrics industry.

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PT. Hayes Indonesia : telp : 021-71442656 hp : 081316770888
cp : tohari

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